SEGI Big Health Business

Health care products, beauty skin care products and white tea is the three pillars of SEGI big health business, more than 100 kinds of health products, beauty skin care products, tea brands gathered in SEGI and laid the foundation to become the industry leader. Because we have brand equity, strong strength and loyal faith, we can devote ourselves to establishing long-term partnership with customers, developing sustainable cooperation, establishing good brand in the world and establishing close cooperation with our customers.

Big health is our philosophy, our commitment. We maintain an open mind, emphasize operational efficiency, promote teamwork, advocate professional accumulation, for the honor of the brand, we promise: To provide consumers with the best health care and services.

Akero Product

Gold Series Skin Care

Gold Toner

This Gold Toner is specially formulated with gold, aloe vera, bearberry, Bisabol and natural nourishing ingredients to give comfortable moisture binding and film forming properties. The Gold Toner is non-irritating, and is very soothing to the skin.

Gold Mosturizer

An easily absorbed daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

Gold Magical Cream

This Gold Magical Cream is specially formulated with gold, aloe vera, bearberry, hyaluronic acid and natural hydrating ingredients to give comfortable moisture binding and film forming properties.

Gold Cleanser

The specially formulated Enzyme Gold Cleanser is a light, non-greasy, pH balanced cleanser for the effective removal of makeup, dirt, debris and grime. It gives the skin freshness, suppleness and smoothness.

Fruit Juice

Resveratrol Natural Antioxidants

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant, can reduce blood viscosity, inhibiting platelet aggregation and vasodilation, maintain blood flow, can prevent the occurrence and development of various cardiovascular problems.

Resveratrol through a variety of different ways to play a variety of effects, has anti-allergic, antipyretic and analgesic activity. Resveratrol can inhibit cell inflammation, cell inflammation can lead to arthritis and other diseases.

Probiotic Powdered Drink

This product only available in China.


Prevent intestines Tumor & cancer, Produce resistance body immunity, Prevent Escherichia coli, Prevent stomach acid, Nourish the spleen & stop diarrhea, Improve constipation, Anti-oxidation

Main ingredients

Pineapple Powder, Papaya powder, Trichloro caramel, Inulin, Galactooligosaccharide. N-acetylneuraminic acid, Citric acid, Hawthorn Powder, Compound probiotic powder (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus casei)

Akero Energizer

This product only available in China


Anti-Osteoarthritis, Protect Liver, Lower blood lipids, Anti-oxidation, Anti-osteoporosis, Anti tumor

Main Ingredients

Hydrolyzed type II collagen peptide, Seabuckthorn fruit powder, Citric acid, Blueberry Fruit Powder, Sucralose, Resistant dextrin, Inulin

Feminine Wash

A specially designed sulfate-free intimate wash for a woman's special cleansing needs.

Apple extracts will stay fresh and free of any discomfort throughout the day.

Female's body parts are so much sensitive and need to be treated like one. We cannot simply use the same cleanser for all of female’s body part. Feminine or vaginal wash is a product specially designed to take care of female's private body part from unwanted odor, infections and to provide extra safe cleansing.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Activated Bamboo Charcoal can absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin.

It can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Activated Bamboo Charcoal is an effective, natural treatment for acne. The bamboo charcoal in the soap makes it more absorbent than normal soaps and as a result it can clean deep inside the skin pores, cleaning better than normal soap.

Beauty Serum


Akero Beauty Serum is based on stem cells , the characteristics of the apple stem cells can protect and activate the stem cells of the skin and can even slow down the natural aging system because it contains an active ingredient of anti- aging revolution . Member scientists continue experimenting on the extract of apple stem cells and found that it can be overwhelming 80 % regeneration of human cells , the effect of a shock when used in skin care products not only can nourish and stimulate the regeneration of stem cells in human skin but also protection and activation of cells skin stem important and therefore it can delay skin aging by maintaining the skin texture, skin look young and radiant and gets resistance of UV rays . In addition, apple stem cells can protect the cells of the hair follicle , preventing hair loss and also delay the start of white hair ( gray hair ) . This opens a new era in hair care products.

Akero Gold Mask

Using gold for skin care has become popular nowadays. However, the use of gold in skin care products for various skin treatments was very notable and used by Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians since early occasions. Akero Gold Mask helps to renew skin, improve blood flow, and is high in antioxidants and minerals. This hinders depletion of collagen and the sagging of skin caused by the elastin breaking down, stimulates the growth of new cells, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The effects of this product are seen almost immediately with visible improvement in the skin’s firmness and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin clarity and tone are both improved leaving your skin looking radiant, youthful, and revived. Skin continues to firm and before long you can see the years fading away leaving you looking youthful and feeling phenomenal.

Akero Warming Lipstick

Akero Warming Lipstick contains 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any sort of toxins, irritants or paraffin which may bring harm to the lips. This lipstick has fullerene which helps to enhance the vitality and give nourishment for the lips. Moreover, it contains bitter ginseng root extract for lips protection and sodium hyaluronic acid to lock the moisture in the lips. Akero Warming Lipstick also contains Vitamin E which improves the lips texture. The most important feature of Akero Warming Lipstick is, it is manufactured using temperature technology and lip temperature discoloration technology. This lipstick does not fade and the color will last long on the lips unlike other lipsticks. This lipstick is guaranteed that it does not leave any stain or traces. Akero Warming Lipstick creates exclusive color which will be the secret of your confidence to show your best look always. Akero Warming Lipstick is worth trusting and using!

Karela Bitter Melon Powder

Patents sequencing bitter melon peptide for natural plant insulin, insulin receptor can be activated to help glucose into the cell, increase blood sugar utilization, effectively reducing blood sugar.

The United States patented chromium picolinate, a component of the cells important glucose tolerance factor, to help glucose smoothly into the cell metabolism, to achieve blood glucose regulation.

Green coffee containing 45% chlorogenic acid is extracted with a dual mechanism of blocking sugar, effectively blocking sugar absorption in food.

Akero Afatelo

Akero Afatelo is a nutrient product which contains telomerase and spirulina as the main component. This product made of nanotechnology so it can be a high-end quality product in the mouth. Akero Afatelo contains Agrobacterium (AFA – the abbreviation of Aphanizomenon FlosAquae in English, means invisible flowers in the water) is a kind of edible blue-green algae that lives in fresh water. It is also the first blue-green algae found on earth called water blooms. It is about 3.5 billion years old. It is said that this algae grows only in the freshwater lakes of the wild. The bottom of the lake must be rich in minerals and cannot be cultivated artificially. Therefore, it is rare to grow, and it is associated with other spirulina and green algae. Because it is basically in the original natural wild environment without pollution, it is not only organic and non-toxic, but also has higher nutrition value than all blue-green algae such as Spirulina chlorella. Its highest grade can reach hundreds of nutrients, and the balance is proportional to the human body, the original gene is at the very beginning of the food chain, and it contains strong vitality and can be quickly absorbed by the human body. No need for excessive decomposition by the human body. It was designated by the United Nations Food Conference as “the most ideal food for human beings”; the World Health Organization called it “the best health care product for humans in the 21st century”