SEGI Agricultural Projects


Castor Oil Plantation

With “One Belt One Road” initiative, Cambodia and China are in common ground in the development trend. Cambodian Government involvement includes huge capital injection. A 300 million dollar fund was injected into Cambodia’s agricultural development.Castor plantation investment is being closely followed and supported by the Cambodia’s National Agricultural Development due to the potential of castor oil being substitutes of crude oil in transportation fuel. Castor oil is a cheaper and also environmental-friendly compare to natural oil & gas.

In 2017, the IEA Market Report reported that the worldwide average demand of nearly 96 million barrels of oil and liquid fuel per day. This work out to more than 35 billion barrels is needed a year. Cambodia intends to be one of the major Asia oil manufacturer by year 2020 with 15% of market share. With Asia’s oil consumption of close to 40 million barrel per day, a 15% market share of this figure means the supplier of 300 billion dollar of oil consumption in Asia.

SEGI Internet Finance Course

In order to provide a wide range of financial products, SEGI spent $200 million to set up a micro-value trading platform for all customers to be able to trade.
SEGI brings the good financial management to everyone and provides the best experience for the users through the concept of innovation, model innovation and technological innovation. In nowadays, technology make financial better, hence a good financial will help us to achieve our dreams.


SEGI spend 200 million US dollars to build trading platform and SEGI Business School

SEGI financial sector provides flexible investment management services, including investment and wealth management products such as foreign exchange, stocks, gaming, oil features, bonds and mutual funds.


Listed on the NYSE, Integrate with capital market

SEGI is investing heavily in cutting-edge technology and training the most professional and experienced financial professionals. The goal is to be traded on the NYSE in the next three to five years, to align with the capital markets, and to become the industry's top international group company.


Growth and high in value-added Network Use Investment Points – E-Point

E-Point is SEGI distribution business points. The so-called business points, that is, the integration of commercial consumption and integration, E-Point can also be said to be a multi-channel use business points. Members can have multiple options to use their E-Point, such as for static investment, or you can go to the entertainment platform to earn more points.

Health Industry Marketing

SEGI is a rare health care products company that has a huge production capacity and solid strength, the successful development of two-lane antioxidant products and advanced beauty products market which including a series of beauty anti-aging skin care products, antioxidant health care products and original health oral products, is known for product quality, design and value, through global ministries of the world quality certification, as a symbol of security and confidence assured.

Quality is the cornerstone of the Group, advocating the "Antioxidant Products" on health product review by the International health food GMP certification. Insist on technology innovation development philosophy of healthy living.

Group import "Healthy living, Better future" of core values to absorb and train outstanding talents; a large number of industries development, provides a broad stage for all kinds of talent.

Airline & Helicopter Service


Top Sky-Tours Service

SEGI provide Airline Service with a team of experience pilots and maintenance crew that provide the best aircraft technical support. Paired with many years of experience in the Aviation Industries, makes us one of the top choices that provide any special require commercial Airline service.


Top Sky-Tours Service

SEGI Travel Business provide helicopter transfer service. Private jet rentals are also available. Currently, this service operates in Malaysia.

Social Media Influrencer (YAYA LIVE)



In 2018, following the trend of live broadcasts, the Group's Warren Channel set up a self-media social platform "YAYA LIVE", which mainly promotes online media such as live broadcast malls, live broadcasts of special events, celebrity interviews,


Top Broadcasting Service

"Yaya Live" also circled a large fan group. Each FacebooK live broadcast attracted more than hundred commercial advertising groups nationwide, covering up to 10 million members, achieving good brand ratings and exposure . .

Luxury car service


The world's most luxurious luxury car service

SEGI provides the best luxury limo service, luxury chauffeur service and luxury car service.

With Us, you won’t have to worry about security and safety—are trained in driver safety and defensive driving tactics and undergo drug and criminal background checks, as well as personality assessment.

SEGI Holiday Planner


Magnificent Resort

10 years of experience in the tourism industry, which includes extensive experience in tour guiding, both locally and internationally. Experience includes conducting tours and working on tour operation and planning. We are fully committed in delivering every travel and tour arrangements to our valued clients to ensure best experiences.


Top Sky-Tours Service

Our consultant and expert in travel and tour agency management, We has collaborated with the airlines, bankers, hoteliers, international golfing associations and corporate leaders.

Diamonds and Jewelery


Top jewelry designer design

For those who love diamonds, you will find a wide range of exquisitely designed jewelry pieces with beautifully cut and polished diamonds that are IGI certified and come with a certificate of authenticity. We also feature an impressive collection of gemstones like sapphires, amber, amethyst, and more that can be purchased using SEGI Membership privileages

Ebiders E-Mall Luxury Fashion


SEGI Premium Fashion

Feed your insatiable appetite for new, trendy clothes, Ebiders fashion collection is constantly added with new products from a bevy of international brands and new/indie labels that are fast gaining popularity.

Wu Langshan Agricultural Tourism Experience Area

Wu Langshan tourism development is the joint investment of the Malaysia Century Group, covers an area of 10,000 acres, located in the new agricultural tourism complex, the target market is broad and involving many tourism activities. In order to provide tourists experience activities as one of the tourism experience activities as one of the tourism experience area, it will plan the land for functional distinction, the construction of several activities with a distinct theme area.

2000 years old temple reconstruction

Xuan Zhong Yan Temple has two thousand years of history, carrying since the emperor of the Han Dynasty since the great power of the glory of the many worshipers, Anxi people are regarded as treasures, the old times of the blessed land. Under the premise of historical cultural relics restoration type of protection, the expansion of the courtyard of the Buddhist temple, the continuation of the millennium worshiped.

Planning and design of the six district projects

In order to provide tourists with a variety of modern agricultural tourism experience activities as one of the tourism experience area, it will plan the land for functional distinction, the construction of several specific activities with a distinct theme area. 1) Religious and cultural area / 2) Outside activity area / 3) Eco-agriculture park and fruit picking area / 4) Style Street and Style Manor / 5) Primeval forest, Natural oxygen zone / 6) Rare plants area