Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Make a contribution to the society

Since SEGI established, the Group has been actively carrying out various public welfare activities, achieve the strategic principle of national public welfare by taking practical action, and undertake the social essay writer mission of "Responsibilty of the national, benefits of the citizens, harmony of the human".


Public welfare activities

Subsidize Sanming City martial arts school, contribute strength for the migrant workers' childrens, poor child who lives in mountain area and other vulnerable groups.


Youth Activities

Set up Internet lecture hall as the form of welfare lecture, in order to popularize the basic knowledge of Internet to the public.


Take from society, give back to society

SEGI as a people-oriented group, we actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and strive to undertake corporate social responsibility, for the vulnerable people, orphans, the elderly groups to help, while adding environmental protection, essay writers disaster relief and other fields to promote social harmonious progress.

Vision and Mission

SEGI be sure to create a new investment concept,

Build a new face in the market, creating a mutual financial ecosystem, open up brilliant achievement.